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Executive Benefit Plans

Why We’re Experienced in the Field

Complex and constantly changing tax laws and economics make it very difficult to determine which types of benefit plans might best be suited for any particular type of business or entity. With professional guidance, however, it is possible to use retirement and executive benefit plans to maximize your personal retirement savings and maintain a competitive employee base. We can offer competitive options for you to consider.

We can also guide you on the usefulness of different types of executive benefit plans.  While these programs can change with each new regulation and ruling, life insurance continues to work as a viable financing solution in many situations. These range from group life and key person protection to more sophisticated options, such as executive bonus plans, corporate-owned life insurance (COLI), deferred compensation, SERP and split-dollar plans.

We can demonstrate how a combination of qualified and nonqualified plan designs can provide the retirement savings you need while retaining your ability to attract and reward top employees. With the assistance of your legal and tax advisors, these arrangements can be structured in ways that can benefit you, your top employees and your business.





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